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1) What is your kingdom in the library like? To expand on that question:
a. What is your home made out of? Is it built out of books or do you have other building materials?
Oh our home, which is the library, is made of basic building materials such as plaster, stone and bricks!
b. How do you sustain yourself, food and water wise? If you have farms how do you plow and water them? Compact animals?
We do find crumbs on occasion, but those are for desperate times. Other wise, we trade knowledge for goods or have some scavenge for small critters outside or other foods.
c. Do you need to have defenses to prevent small rodents or ants getting in, or are they friendly to you. Does your kingdom have any enemies? Do any Large People help guard the library?
We don't encounter rodents often inside the library due to how well kept it is, but there are compact soldiers, like there are in all kingdoms. We don't have enemies from what I know, seeing how we are kind people who remain neutral during hard times. As for the "normal" people, they do help on occasion, usually while staying in the library.
d. Are there miniature animals, comparable to the ones in our large sized world?
I would have to say no. From what I have seen and learned, we were the only beings spawned from the magician who fell asleep upon the book.
e. Are there any other Compact Kingdoms near you, or outside of the library.
We are the only Compact species there are. Once the library seems to be near the brink of our population, we might send explorers in search of new areas or libraries to hold our kingdom.
f. How large is the Library?
It is quite enormous, holding only two floors.
g. What kind of commerce do you have? Any trade with other communities?
Again, we sometimes barter with average people for some goods, but that is done between my parents and other officers in the kingdom.
h. What contact do you have with the Large People?
I have plenty of friends and a few not so kind people that I have known in my time.
i. What sort of arts and crafts have you and your kingdom come up with, music and literature wise?
We write books upon our history and our culture but other than that, there are few art pieces and many books of all different genres.
j. I assume you have a Monarchy, so what happens if the Monarchy fails, not saying it would or anything. If something happened to the kingdom, and you had to leave, what would your subjects do?
From my experience with them, they would form a new one. They would pick a new style of government or such and start afresh. They are resourceful people.
k. What kind of technology do you have in your kingdom? Is it medieval, a steam-punk aesthetic, or more of an industrial style? Do you rely on candle and fire light, or have you discovered electricity?
It varies a bit. We didn't discover electricity for the fact it was here when we were spawned, and fire is too dangerous in a place full of paper documents. We haven't made a lot of technology advances since resources are low in that area but as for fashion and how we act, it could be a mix between Victorian and classic styles.
l. Are there sentient animals in your kingdom?
I believe there are not.

Thank you again for so many questions!
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(( Whoa, that was a lot of questions XDD ))
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:D So many answers....which bring up more questions...XD
Glad to see these were answered though!
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Oh it was no problem!
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